Ken was born in 1948 in New Jersey.  He began riding motorcycles at age 18 and became an avid car drag racer and street hot-rodder.  At age 21, Ken opened his own motorcycle business where he designed, built, and repaired bikes.  He held the NHRA national quarter mile drag bike record in his class in 1971 & 1972. Ken won first place in the New York Coliseum Custom Car and Motorcycle Show in 1974 with one of his original show bikes. Many of his choppers were also featured on magazine covers through the mid 1970s.  Ken has worked on every phase of custom bike building, including: frame fabrication, molding, painting, complete engine rebuilding, machining, welding, and custom parts manufacturing.  In 1976, he began to phase out of the motorcycle business and started a career in the automotive industry, which lasted until 1982. At that time he started his own construction company, Design Concepts and Construction Inc., specializing in commercial projects.  Ken and his family moved to Florida in 1989 where he continued doing business as Design Concepts, but with an emphasis on swimming pool construction.  Designing and building swimming pools allowed Ken to continue to exercise his creativity and his personal desire to create a quality product.  Ken's interest in motorcycles has only grown over the years.  He has continued to ride motorcycles and has ridden in many parts of the US and Europe.  His love for riding is apparent to everyone around him.  At the sight of a biker out on the open road, Ken often reveals his inner thoughts:"Now, that's freedom!". He is eager to once again follow his passion and do what he does best; build outrageous custom choppers.